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The Writers' Cafe


The Writers’ Café aims to publish the best in imaginative writing for and about the Orthodox Jewish world. In doing so, we hope to promote the growth of such writing, benefiting both readers who’ve been looking for such material and writers who’ve been looking for such readers.

We feature fiction, poetry, essays, vignettes, memoirs and personal narrative. We are also open to publishing occasional pieces for children, especially those marked by a wit and playfulness that might appeal to their parents as well.

We recognize the potential for tension between the constraints of Yiddishkeit and the demands of art, and will do our best to negotiate that tension successfully. Where a conflict between the two appears irreconcilable, the demands of art will have to yield.

We are eager to hear from our readers, and encourage your letters, suggestions and queries. We welcome submissions as well, including cartoons.

Finally, we ask for your help in spreading the word about The Writers’ Café. If you like what you read, please don’t be shy about it – share the news with friends, order a copy for a relative (we ship anywhere), direct people to the web site. At this fledgling stage of our growth, the grass-roots efforts of those who want to see a project such as this succeed could be very helpful.

We hope you enjoy the magazine.

Allen Auster,
Editor and publisher 

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